Can I add a comment on a meal?

Discover how to add a comment on a meal


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Of course you can. This is extremely useful if you want to remind your patient about a specific indication about that meal, for example "Avoid lasting more than 20 minutes on eating this meal". Writing a comment is straightforward:

1. On a strict meal plan - Daily view:

Click the comment icon (the red squared one) and a small popover will appear so you can write the comment there. Just write it, and when you're done click anywhere else so the text is saved.

*Note: On a flexible meal plan the interface is pretty similar to the image showed above

2. On a strict meal plan - Table view

If a meal already has a comment, you will see a small comment icon in the top center of the corresponding cell. To edit the comment just click it and the popover will show up.

If the meal doesn't have a comment yet, place your mouse on the top right corner of the cell; you will see a small pencil show up:

Click the pencil and the meal details popup will open. On the bottom right corner you will see the meal comment field. Just write whatever you want and when you're done click anywhere else:

If you have any other question about this, please reach us through our support chat, located on the bottom right corner in your dashboard! :)

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